52 Week Photography Challenge - Week 12

Week 12

Technical: Macro

Life is in the details. Get in close and show us the details we usually miss. You don't need a macro lens to shoot a macro shot.

Canon 6D with the Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens (See, I have other lenses)

I don't know that I would consider this to be a "true" macro shot, but I'm not an expert in that style of photography, so I have no idea. I partially disagree with the part of the prompt that says "You don't need a macro lens to shoot a macro shot". I may not need a lens, but I do at least require extension tubes to get that up close shot. I'm sure we've all seen a picture of a bug really up close and personal, that is true macro shot. So instead, I took the prompt as "up close" instead of macro.

Spring did show up for a day this week, so we took advantage and spent some time outside playing. We got the sidewalk chalk out only to hike it and throw it through the basketball hoop. There was no coloring or drawing involved. I tried nearly every day with each of my cameras to get a "true" macro shot, only to be disappointed that I couldn't focus at the distance I wanted to focus.

The good part about this challenge is that I learned my gear's limitations, the bad part is I began researching macro lenses partway through the week. Seriously though, how else am I going to get those detailed shots of baby hands and feet? So I rented one to try out, who knows, I might use it for next week's challenge too!

I took so many photos this week, it was great! I didn't just take a bunch of macro shots, but you already knew that! And you already know, there's more below!

Shot's from the week

He's really big in to Toy Story now and always wants to watch "Buzz". I caught this one with that little Panasonic GF3, such a great little carry camera.

See, I told you, no coloring or drawing involved, only tossing the chalk

He's a water thief. Actually he's just a sucker for a straw. He jumped up on the couch and said "mom's wa" and helped himself.

Have a great week!