52 Week Photography Challenge - Week 13

Week 13

Creative: Leading Lines

Back by popular demand, use lines to lead the viewer to your subject.

Camera...wait for it...Panasonic DMC-GF3 with the Panasonic 12-32mm lens! Bet you didn't see that coming!


  • Shutter speed: 1/40sec
  • Aperture: f/5.6 
  • ISO: 800
  • Focal length: 13mm

Finally a picture that wasn't with a 24-70 or the 6D! It only took 13 weeks to have something different. I've really enjoyed having this little camera with me wherever I go. Of course through out the week I'm thinking of the prompt, and this week it fell right into my lap.

The image isn't technically perfect, there are quite a few things I would like to change about it, but this image is becoming one of my favorites. I love the perspective that the aisle provides and how the lines of the aisle point right to his head. Could it be sharper? Yeah, probably. Could the depth of field be shallower? Yeah, probably. But I would rather have a slightly blurry photo that means something to me than a sharp and technically sound image that I don't care about. After all, telling stories is the whole point of photography! That's what I'm after, I'm telling our story as a family, not just here on the blog and social media, but for Daniel when he gets older. I want him to see what his childhood was like, that he was well loved and taken care of and that we did fun things.

I've been thinking this week, and as I progress through this challenge this year, about why I take photos. I've learned quite a bit about myself during this time. I never thought about why I was taking a photo or what it even meant. I've noticed that since I've started focusing on documentary style photography that I now have a purpose for it. It's not just to make pretty pictures, but it's to tell that story of what life is or was like.

I probably went way off the road, but I might be a little extra sappy because Daniel's second birthday is today! Now here are some other photos from the week. 

This week a mess was made...actually quite a few of them. He has his own "play" flour and he bakes us things. 

Remember last week's prompt? Well, I rented a macro lens...IT'S AWESOME! And this is a quarter.

See, we made messes this week. Daniel got to play with finger paint! As you can see, it didn't stay on his fingers...or the paper. So is it toe paint now?