52 Week Photography Challenge - Week 14

Week 14

Vision: Diptych or Triptych

Connect 2 or 3 images together, creating one image, to provoke a thought or tell a story.

Camera used - Panasonic DMC GF3 with the 12-32mm lens - look at that, two weeks in a row!


  • ISO 160
  • Everything else varies from image to image

This is another week were I had an entirely different plan and intent for my image and created something else. I had this week planned out since around week 2. I was going to photography some whole bean coffee, a mug, and if I was able, coffee going into the mug. I even had my wife pick up whole bean coffee the last time she was at the store! Yet here I am showing you something completely different with a bag of coffee that I now have to grind in my cupboard. I had every intention to take those photos. But then I remembered what this project has morphed into for me; it has become a documentary-style project.

In all of the rain and ugly weather we have had lately, we had a sunny day. Of course Daniel wanted to play "outshide" so we did. Like always I have my camera. I decided that this was what I wanted for my triptych. I wanted to show the small details of playing, little hands, toys, feet, etc. We had a great time playing with Daniel's birthday toys outside and walking on the road.

This was kind of a cool prompt for the week. Not only did I learn to think of taking photos in a different way, but I learned a cool trick to post process my images to create a triptych file. It's important for me to keep in mind that this project is to strengthen all of my photography skills. Photography is just like a muscle, you have to use it to grow. If you don't use it, you then get weaker. I'm doing a whole lot of photography workouts this year, and I can tell a difference in my work from before I started this project.

Here are more photos from the week!

I don't remember what/who he was looking at, but this picture kills me. A few times he had to escape the crowd of party goers and hide in his room.

This may not be an exciting photo or a very technical one, but it means a lot to me. He was so excited to see the house decorated on the morning of his birthday. It was really fun to see how excited he was. 

My niece playing in Daniel's room. Like I've said before, he has some killer lighting in there.